Park City, UT Real Estate First Quarter 2009 Statistics

The Park City Board of Realtors statistics for the First Quarter of 2009 indicate that Gross Sales Volume was down to $147M, a decrease of 54% from the same quarter of 2008, while prices increased 4%, although there were substantial variations in each property category.

Gross Sales for Single Family Homes were $91M, down 31% from 2008 and prices were up 9%. Condominium Gross Sales were down 69% to $38M, which prices dropping 29%, compared to 2008.

Condominium sales are strongly impacted by the completion of projects. Gross Sales of Vacant Land (Lots) decreased 74% to $14M. March 2009 did show improvement in all categories compare to January and February. Now is a great buying opportunity in Park City.

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