Sports Illustrated Takes an Interest!

mark-eaton-picture.jpgWe’ve made it into the big time!  In the Beat section of the February 8, 2007, issue of Sports Illustrated writer Adam Duerson notes that the currently untitled Mark Eaton film project is moving forward.  Calling the movie “an oversized underdog flick” (I like that label — thanks, Adam) Duerson asked me who I’d like to see play Mark. (I said in a perfect world I’d like Jared Leto, if he were the right height, which he’s not, so he’s unlikely to be cast, but hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?) Since there are few human beings who are over seven feet (let alone actors, where there are few of them over six feet; and those who are are mostly women) our choices are limited in finding an actor who is actually as tall as Mark.  In every interview I’ve done on this subject that’s always the first question I’m asked (as you would imagine). So here’s our plan:  We will find a young actor in the 6’4″ range and cast a lot of short actors around him, then shoot forced perspective.  As long as we keep’s Mark’s height in correct relation to the other people around him, then the illusion of movie magic will help us get across to an audience how big Mark really is (both inside and out).

Check out the February 8 issue of Sports Illustrated to see the blurb in the Beat section (page 29).  It’s on newstands now.

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